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Trial limitations

Choosing trial period parameters. This feature serves for limiting the usage period of an unregistered version of the protected module on the user's PC. The Enigma Protector supports the following types of trial limitations: by count of module executions, by count of usage days, by expiration date. All trial limitations can be controlled manually by using Enigma API, in this case you can fully control the trial counter and make a handler for any changes (for example, you can warn a user to register the protected module several days/executions before the trial expiration). In case you don't use Enigma API, you can define the type of a trial expiration event manually in the TRIAL CONTROL panel. Also, The Enigma Protector supports reminder messages (nag-screens) for the protected module, the reminder message is intermittently displayed during the work of the module with a predefined time interval. Is not a secret that some users may set the system clock backward to restore the functionality of the protected module - to prevent this, Enigma has a feature to detect system clock reversing. Rest assured, the system clock checkup is not related to the trial limitation so it will not be disabled after the module registration

Warning: all the above trial limitations will be lifted after the protected module is registered. Refer to Program Overview for a detailed description of trial features.