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Function KG_GenerateRegistrationKeyW

KG_GenerateRegistrationKeyW, as well as the KG_GenerateRegistrationKey function, is used for generating registration keys, but it uses unicode-based information. Note: to enable the application to accept unicode registration keys, the UNICODE Registration Scheme parameter from the Registration Features - Common panel should be enabled. The function has one parameter - PKeyGenParamsA, which is a pointer to the TGenKeyParamsW structure. This function requires the following necessary input parameters: PublicKey, PrivateKey, KeyMode, KeyBase and EncryptedConstant (other parameters are optional), that should be obtained from the project (see the Registration Features - Common panel, Information for Custom Generator box).

Return Values

EP_NO_ERROR=0 the function succeeds. In this case, Key parameter of TKeyGenParams structure should contain a pointer to the null terminated string - registration key.
EP_ERROR_UNKNOWN=1 unknown error
EP_ERROR_KEYBUFFEREMPTY=2 memory buffer for registration key is not allocated
EP_ERROR_KEYBUFFERISLESS=3 size of allocated memory for registration key is less than required
EP_ERROR_REGINFOEMPTY=4 registration information is not specified
EP_ERROR_REGINFOTOOLARGE=5 registration information is empty (has a null size)
EP_ERROR_PRIVATEKEYISNOTSET=6 private key is not set
EP_ERROR_PUBLICKEYISNOTSET=7 public key is not set
EP_ERROR_PRIVATEKEYISINVALID=8 private key is invalid
EP_ERROR_PUBLICKEYISINVALID=9 public key is invalid
EP_ERROR_KEYMODEISINVALID=10 key mode is invalid
EP_ERROR_KEYBASEISINVALID=11 key base is invalid
EP_ERROR_CURRENTDATEISINVALID=12 current date is invalid
EP_ERROR_EXPIRATIONDATEISINVALID=13 expiration date is invalid
EP_ERROR_KEYISINVALID=14 key is invalid
EP_ERROR_HARDWAREID=15 hardware id is invalid
EP_ERROR_HARDWAREBUFFEREMPTY=16 hardware id buffer is empty
EP_ERROR_HARDWAREIDINVALIDFORKEY=17 hardware id is invalid for the key
EP_ERROR_PROJECTFILENOTFOUND=18 project file is not found
EP_ERROR_INVALIDPROJECTFILE=19 project file is invalid
EP_ERROR_EXECUTIONSNUMBERINVALID=20 executions number is invalid
EP_ERROR_DAYSNUMBERINVALID=21 days number is invalid
EP_ERROR_COUNTRYCODEINVALID=22 country code is invalid
EP_ERROR_RUNTIMEINVALID=23 run-time value is invalid
EP_ERROR_GLOBALTIMEINVALID=24 global time is invalid
EP_ERROR_INSTALLBEFOREINVALID=25 register before date is invalid
EP_ERROR_INSTALLAFTERINVALID=26 register after date is invalid


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See function examples in the installation folder, Examples\KeygenUnicode subfolder.