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Markers Decrypt_On_Execute

Decrypt_On_Execute markers allow selecting parts of the code that should be deciphered only when the code needs to be executed. These markers do not affect the execution process and the functionality of the protected module. The code between these markes encipheres after protection and is only stored in the file. When the execution of the module has come to the begin marker, the code begins to decipher and execute. These markers can increase safety of the protected module and serve as an anti-dump technique. Most crackers dump the program from memory at the first execution command, and if you use the Decrypt_On_Execute markers, the cracker will not get the original code from memory and will not be able to restore the sources. You can use any number of Decrypt_On_Execute markers in your module.


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See markers examples in the installation folder, Examples\MarkersDecryptOnExecute subfolder.