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Markers UnReg_Crypt

The UnReg_Crypt markers allow selecting parts of the code that should be executed only in case the module is not registered, or the module is registered but the registration key does not support deciphering of the current encrypted section. The Enigma Protector supports 16 types of UnReg_Crypt markers. Each marker can be used to select any number of the code parts. The principle of work: after the module is protected and started, The Enigma Protector loader will check the presence of a valid registration key for the module. If a registration key is not found, all unreg_crypt sections will be deciphered and prepared for execution. There is another case in which these sections will be deciphered - in case a valid registration key is found, but it does not allow deciphering the current unreg_crypt section. Generally, the unreg_crypt markers are the opposite of the reg_crypt markers.


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See markers examples in the installation folder, Examples\UnRegCryptMarkers subfolder.