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External Files

External Files

Use checkup of external files - checking external files. During the software distribution, it is a good idea to check the content of distributive files against changing. After adding the file into the list, define the necessary parameters to checkup. If at least one checkup parameter differs from the defined one while the protected file is starting, it will be terminated. Click on the files list,

column "Action" - you will see the list of available checkups for files, the common ones are:

  • Delete file from the list
  • File checksum - checks the full content of the file
  • File Version - checks the version of the file (this option is for Win32 executable files only)
  • File Size - checks the size of the file
  • File Date - checks the date of the file
  • File Attributes - checks attributes of the file.

column "Base Relative Path" - define a base relative path of the checkup file relatively to the main protected module.

column "Relative Path" - define a relative path of the checkup file relatively to "Base Relative Path".

Example: you have the main protected module and you need a checkup of the file that is placed in the "Example" subfolder relatively to the main protected module, you need to add the file to the list, choose "Base Relative Path" to "%DEFAULT FOLDER%" then add the name of the subfolder "Example" in the "Relative Path".

Add File - press this button to add a file(s) into the list.

Show message before termination - if Enigma checks that the external file has been modified, it will show a message and will be terminated. To edit the warning message, press "Design Message" button.