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These features are related to different options for registration keys usage.

UNICODE Registration Scheme - enables UNICODE support for the registration system. It means that:

  • Keys Generator works with unicode support;
  • Keys Generator of License Manager works with unicode support;
  • Enigma API with unicode support (functions with the W prefix) should be used for custom checking/saving and loading of registration information;
  • CGI Keys Generators should be called with unicode support (functions with the W prefix);
  • custom keys generators that use keygen.dll have to call unicode support functions (functions with the W prefix).

Please note:

  • if you change this feature in the existing project, all previously generated registration keys will become invalid;
  • ANSI functions of checking/saving and loading registration information will fail.

Allow execution only if registered - allow execution of the protected module only if it is registered.

Encrypt application with Encryption Constant - it encrypts the application with the Encryption Constant. The Encryption Constant is a unique value that is stored in the registration key. It means that if the application is protected with this option, it is impossible to run/unpack the application without valid registration keys. This feature has one common restriction: the application should be unlocked with registration keys generated with at least one crypted section enabled. If the registration key does not have any sections unlocked, the application will fail to be executed. If you try to run the application protected with this option and registered with the key that does not have any crypted section enabled, the execution will depend on the options selected on Checkup-Control Sum panel. That is, if the control sum is enabled, a message will be shown or the execution will be terminated silently.

Registration keys mode safety/length

Select the mode of registration keys. Available modes: ~ RSA 512/768/1024/2048/3072/4096. Keys with a high count of bits are longer than the ones with a low count, but they are much stronger. Usually, a 512-bit protection is enough.

NOTE: if you change this option, all previously generated keys will be invalid.

Registration keys base

Select the output base of registration keys.

NOTE: if you change this option, all previously generated keys will be invalid.

See Creating Keys for more information.