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Virtual Box

Virtual Box contains additional features that allow you to emulate the file system of the protected application. You can select the necessary files that will be embedded into the protected application and use it without having these files on the disk. Follow the link below to read more:


  • Virtual Box feature is not compatible with the Windows 9x. The protected with Virtual Box feature file will be possible to run under Windows 9x, but virtual environment (virtual files and registry items) will not exist inside protected process.
  • If the file to protect entered on Input panel is Dynamic Link Library (DLL) then it is not recommended to use Virtual Box feature. Only the DLLs called once at the start of the main executable file and never freed while the application is working can be protected with Virtual Box. The DLL files called/freed multiple times per one execution should not use Virtual Box feature, otherwise it may cause application crash.
  • Virtual Box can execute virtual exe files and share virtual system to child processes only if they have the same architecture as a main protected file, eg: main file is 32 bit file and child process is 32 bit. If they have a different architecture, eg: main file is 32 bit, but child process is 64 bit, or vice versa, then these functions won't work.