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Trial protection part 2 (Trial Enigma API's)

The protection is based on the limitation of the time period the module will work on the user's PC. The protection uses special Enigma API functions to get parameters of the trial period. After protection, you need to make the necessary changes to the sources of your module and provide the results of API call handling.

Changing the module sources.

The following internal Enigma API functions can be used to control trial parameters:

The examples showing how to work with Enigma API trial functions for different development languages are located in the Tutorials\Trial protection part 2\ folder.

The main advantage of this protection option is manual handling of trial parameters during the work of the module. You can change custom events on trial parameters alterations and trial expiration.

The following actions for project creating, setting of protection parameters, creation and distribution of registration keys are similar to the Trial protection part 1.